Our Commitment to Health Centers

by | Jan 11, 2024 | CHChronicle | 0 comments

CHCollective is a new group purchasing organization (GPO) that is health center-owned, focused exclusively on health centers, and partners with Provista-Vizient, the largest GPO in the country.

Every organization needs a vision and plan for how it intends to serve client, constituent, and shareholder needs. Below are CHCollective’s vision and mission statements.

CHCollective is ready to serve the health center movement in the manner conveyed below and encourages everyone to hold the organization accountable to the spirit in which these statements were drafted. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the health center movement!

Vision Statement

To be the unrivaled group purchasing resource for FQHCs, securing superior pricing while pursuing and becoming expert in innovative products and services that positively impact patient care, provider productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Mission Statement

To offer the FQHC movement the strongest supplier contracts with the best price and terms of sale, while employing the most experienced customer service team who have supreme product knowledge; a deep understanding of health center operations, needs, and challenges; and the ability to provide impactful guidance.

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