HR Management, Unemployment, and Risk Solutions with First Nonprofit!

How First Nonprofit (FNP) Empowers Your Commitment to The Movement

30 years ago, FNP sought to support nonprofit organizations by providing unemployment, risk, and HR management services that redirect crucial money and staff resources to their missions. Today, FNP proudly serves 47 community health centers and over 2,300 nonprofits nationwide.

FNP program services include:

  • Cost Savings and Budgetary Certainty: All FNP programs reduce health center expenses. Avoid surprises with a fixed annual unemployment cost and flexible payment plans.
  • Customized Solutions: Each CHC is unique, so FNP offers customized solutions tailored to each organization’s needs.
  • Risk Management: FNP provides risk management services, including claims administration and support, to help CHCs effectively manage unemployment claims and combat fraud.
  • Human Resources Support: FNP offers HR support to health centers through access to SPHR and PHR-certified advisors, employee training, and law alerts.

Hear what Asian Health Services in Oakland, CA says about FNP!

“In addition to their money-saving purpose on behalf of nonprofit organizations like Asian Health Services (AHS), First Nonprofit’s Nonprofit Unemployment (NU) Fund streamlines the information we need to efficiently manage unemployment claims. Our relationship with the NU Fund gave us access to such things as advice on planning for what’s ahead and how to analyze cost scenarios when unexpected events occur. Both experiences were very helpful.” – Asian Health Services, Oakland, CA

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