DPA May 2024 Newsletter

by | May 21, 2024

Executive Director Message

Hello Delta Purchasing Alliance (“DPA”) Members!

It’s an interesting time to be part of a community health center. Our federal government funding is fairly static and, with upcoming federal elections, it’s hard to know if FQHCs can expect significant new funding for service expansions, new starts and the like. In many of your states and local communities, funding for health centers is also at risk. For health center staff who work in purchasing and supply chain, it’s as important as ever for us to watch our spend and look for real savings opportunities.

As we round the corner into the second half of 2024, I wanted to offer the assistance of the DPA and CHCollective in helping each of you to find new avenues to achieve cost savings. If it has been a while since you’ve closely examined your costs in areas like dental supplies, office products, translation services, medical waste, information technology, cell phones or facility products, please reach out to me or to the staff at CHCollective (more on CHCollective later in this newsletter). We have a team of health center purchasing professionals ready to analyze your current spend and assist in finding opportunities to reduce cost. And those services are complementary to use as DPA members.

If you would like a savings analysis in any area of your health center spend, please email me at don.daniel@pmsnm.org.

Delta Purchasing Alliance and CHCollective

As announced in the last DPA quarterly newsletter, effective January 1, 2024, Provista/Vizient’s newest community health center channel partner – CHCollective – was launched. CHCollective, as a channel partner to Provista/Vizient, will market Provista/Vizient’s cost-saving contracts to community health centers nationwide. And while the name “CHCollective” is new, you will recognize many of CHCollective’s staff: Danny Hawkins, Alex Vactor, Bob Piacine, Robert Poole, Rod Peredo, Brittney Reilly and Steve Perez

What does all of this mean for DPA members?

  1. The DPA will continue as a program within CHCollective and you will continue to see the aggressive DPA cost savings you receive today. The DPA will continue to grow our membership and add new preferred pricing contracts available to your health centers.
  2. Importantly, all DPA members can access the full contract portfolio of Provista/Vizient and there’s nothing your health center needs to do to preserve your current pricing. You can reach out to me or to any of the CHCollective staff if you need assistance in identifying product or service vendors, finding savings opportunities or analyzing your health center spend. Contact a member of the CHCollective staff here.
  3. The DPA and CHCollective are making plans for the next DPA Member Summit in 2025. Stay tuned, but our next conference promises to be bigger and better than ever, with exciting new features for our health center purchasing & supply chain staff, CFOs and key executives.

I am excited about the launch of CHCollective and the continued expansion of the Delta Purchasing Alliance. Please keep an eye out for future announcements!

Access Savings on Dental Supplies and Equipment with Patterson Dental

The Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA) is pleased to offer our members savings on their dental supplies and equipment through Patterson Dental. Patterson Dental is one of the nation’s leading sources of dental supplies, time-saving software, the latest equipment and practice-changing technology. And the DPA has negotiated some of the best pricing available to community health centers today.

Recent quotes provided to DPA members by Patterson show savings to our health centers of 10% or more over their current pricing! Of course, savings may vary, but why not get a quote today and see what savings are available to your health center? And if your health center is already purchasing through Patterson but you’re not aligned with the DPA program, please let us know—you may see savings without having to switch your supplier.

To request a quote/savings analysis, contact me at: don.daniel@pmsnm.org.

Welcome Our Newest DPA Members

The DPA is pleased to welcome our newest member health centers: Christ Community Health Services in Memphis, TN and Horizon Health in Howard, SD.

About Christ Community Health Services
In 1995, Steven Besh initiated the inception of Christ Community Health Services (CCHS), marking its debut on South Third with a mission: to provide high-quality healthcare to the underserved in the context of distinctively Christian service. Since that pioneering moment, CCHS has strategically ventured into various Memphis neighborhoods, identifying areas where resources and services have become scarce over time. In these locales, countless residents have grappled with unmet healthcare needs, allowing manageable health issues to go untreated and undiagnosed.

With unwavering faith, CCHS stands as a beacon of hope delivering quality healthcare and spiritual healing to the community members who need it most. Stepping through the doors of CCHS, patients are enveloped in an atmosphere of love and optimism. Their dedicated staff and physicians embody the ethos of CCHS, infusing each interaction with compassion, purpose, and the unwavering commitment to their mission and vision. CCHS believes that Jesus Christ is the true healer, and with His guidance and comfort, can provide physical and spiritual healing to all who enter their doors.

Today, CCHS is one of the largest faith-based health centers in the nation and the largest provider of healthcare to the underserved in Shelby County providing care to over 58,000 individuals across eight locations. In 2020, CCHS opened Christ Community Health Services – East Jackson expanding healthcare services to Madison County.

About Horizon Health

Horizon Health provides patient-centered, quality care that’s personalized for rural South Dakota. For Horizon Health, healthcare isn’t just a service. It’s a mission.

As a community health center, Horizon Health offers high-quality, affordable coverage in medical, dental and behavioral health with an invested presence in the communities they serve. They are primary care providers who care and have been nationally recognized by the Health Resources and Service Administration, among others.

With a dedication to rural health, Horizon Health offers leading edge technology and telemedicine capabilities, working with providers and specialists virtually anywhere in the country. In addition to urgent care services, they emphasize primary care, providing whole health medicine and wellness throughout a lifetime.

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