CHCollective February 2024 Newsletter

by | Feb 13, 2024

Introducing CHCollective! CHCollective is a new, health center owned and operated organization offering the benefits of the nation’s largest GPO. With recent changes in health center group purchasing, CHCollective was established to service health centers enrolled with Provista-Vizient. Provista-Vizient is the largest healthcare GPO in the country.  

Over 1,100 health centers use the Provista-Vizient portfolio today. Those health centers don’t need to do anything to continue utilizing the vendor relationships and cost savings they’re receiving.  CHCollective will simply now service those health centers. The CHCollective staff are names and faces already familiar to health centers and group purchasing. The team is ready to answer any questions. 

With CHCollective and Provista-Vizient, health centers access the broadest contract portfolio with the deepest discounts on supplies, equipment, products, and services. Please contact CHCollective below.  We look forward to working together! 

CHCollective News

Check out the New CHCollective Website

CHCollective is thrilled to announce the launch of our new website,!

Visit the website to see a sample of the vendors under contract with CHCollective, learn about its partnership with the nation’s largest GPO, Provista-Vizient, and contact the CHCollective team member who services your health center. Thank you for being a valued part of CHCollective! We look forward to continuing our mission of supporting health centers in delivering exceptional care in the communities they serve!

Why does CHCollective Love Health Centers?

CHCollective loves community health centers all month long (not just on Valentine’s Day). We are passionate about providing necessary resources and cost-saving solutions to empower health centers to deliver exceptional care to our communities.

February is American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about heart health and promote ways to prevent heart disease. As one of the leading causes of death in the US, we must take steps to educate ourselves and our communities. Let’s spread the word about heart-healthy lifestyles and encourage others to care for their hearts. Together, we can make a difference and save lives.

Partner News

Significant Savings from Provista until Mar. 31!

Provista Group Buys are promotions that offer significant savings and enhanced value. CHCollective is excited to announce that the featured supplier for Provista’s Q1 – Quarterly Promotion is Siemens Healthineers! Download the promotional brochure here.

CHCollective is Proud to Announce a New Partnership with First Nonprofit!

CHCollective is proud to partner with First Nonprofit to provide health centers with the power of seamless Unemployment, Risk, HR, and Compliance management solutions. 

Serving over 50 health centers nationwide, First Nonprofit is excited to introduce fnpaccess+, a specialized tool designed for unemployment tax-rated employers. Focus on exceptional care, not paperwork. Streamline your processes, and contribute to your health center’s success with First Nonprofit’s fnpaccess+.

Midmark is Offering CHCs the SAME Great Discounts You’ve Always Enjoyed!

A fully connected Point-of-Care ecosystem balances technology, connectivity, and workflow to improve clinical standardization, efficiency, patient-caregiver interaction, and clinical outcomes. From complete medical exam and procedure rooms to dental treatment and oral surgery rooms, let Midmark be your single source for much more than equipment. Learn more about Midmark’s community health center solutions!


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